hello again

after more than a jear since my last entry, i think it is more than about time to give you a quick oerview on what has happened so far..

The most signifficant change in the hardware section is, that i switched to one Arduino Mega instead of two normal Arduinos. Therefore i had to redesign the multiplexer circuitry an all the other periferial elecrtonics. This time i was able to use an LPKF Rapid PCB-prototyper, whitch made it way easyer to realise a small form-factor layout containig all the necessary components.

The new circutry is a stack out of three Boards of wich the lowest is the Arduino Mega. Here you can se the eagle Layout for the other two layers:

This is the topmost Board With six cd 4052 analog mux/demuxers and the conectors for all the FSR-sensors

And here you can see the board in the middle, with connectors for eight thermistors and a triple-axis accelorometer, there is also a cd 4051 demuxer for adressing the thermistors.

This was my first time working on an rapid-PCB-Prototyping machine, so i took me some time to get everything designed the right way (drill-diameters and pad-sizes). But after these things were solved and thanks tho the help of Mr. Laurent Mignonneau (the owner of the prototyper btw.) it worked out pritty fine in the end.

Here you can see the The fully asembled Stack.

so after Programming the firmware, and some simple diagnosis max/msp- patch, everything is working perfectly fine..



again i spent the day thinking and soldering and now i am about to present the fruits of my days work…

today i finished the fist out of two Boards which carry the multiplexers and some orther circuitry for connecting the frs-sensors to my arduinoboards, i have no etching device available so i did it on these develepment-boards. as usual some inages can be found on flickr.dsc00717

after building this thing together i programmed the firmware for the arduinoboards, beta tough because in the final version im going to use bluetooth boards and not the usb ones, beside of this tere are still some other improfments to make, so this task isn´t complete right now. dsc00713

after that, i taped the board into the upper shell of the interface and started testing, therefore i programmed some patchers  in max and yeehaa now i have 24 simultanious (for now, they will become more) pressure-inputs to work with…first-simultanious-input

well for now im just looking forward to a nice weekend

well…. goodby


alter ages of soldering verry thin cables to damm small jacks i completed the first out of two calbles for connecting the sensors to the multiplexer-ic´s. im currently using my Brake to write this poste and afterwards i´m going to do the second one..


again some images of the current state of the interface can be found on my flickr-page.

all the best.

sensor…. just a lot of sensors

hello there…

after spending the last few tays in the workshop grinding and glueing im now done mounting the main sensor layer to my interface casing, It consists out of 48 FSR Preassure Sensor glued on Acylic Glass plates to provie a proper Base for them. Thes Plates are the mounted on the case with some kind of mounting glue.


again there are some images of this un my flickr account..

well i have to appologise for posting so rearly, but im currently working on a very thight schedule in order to finish in time, so i dont have too much time for ducumenting…

all the best and more to come

some pix

hello there.

i uploded some images of the case building Process to my flickr account.


allthought this is not what im currently working on, i thought it would be interesting to see this.

more to come…

Hello And Welcome

to this very fascinating, special and nevertheless interesting pice of web2.0-exhibitionism-shit

What i am trying to do here is to document some kind of Project im doing for my Bachelors Degree in Media Arts/TIME (Timbesed and Interactive Media) at the University for Art and Design In Linz /Austria